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Web Developer, Drummer, SAHD, Husband, Ransomed, Free, Writer, Thinker, Programmer, Propeller Head, born in Starnburg, Bavaria, Germany. After a short repose in Northern California to attend Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry, I got the girl, married, had a baby, and moved to the East Nashville area. Currently attending House of Blessing Church and working hard on the web. Always thinking up new plans or new devices to 'change the world'. Currently recieving new clientele in the realm of Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce, and Web Applications.

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A small portfolio of work I have done over the years. Feel free to take a look.

Jonathan D. Peck




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Whether you are looking for a simple personal site or a corporate web application, I can help. Drop me a line for any questions, comments, or projects.

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Dunamis is a design that is slated to be turned into a WordPress theme. Created specifically for non-profit organizations and Churches, Dunamis is will be the one stop theme for any organization.

Rashida La'el Photography

Website for a new and up and coming photographer in the middle Tennessee area, Rashida La’el Photography. Designed the site layout and integrated social media into the site. This is a WordPress site built with the foundation.zurb framework. Implemented Vanilla Masonry.js into the page.

House of Blessing

This website is for a local church. It’s a very simple and clean page that is easy to follow. This project was done in basic HTML. The ability to play and download audio was added to the site for visitors and the use of many contact forms were employed on this site as well.

CSCCMI Web Application

We built this application for a company in need of a customer management system for their sales team throughout four branches. We took this company from using a spreadsheet to keep up with their customers to using a facebook like interface that makes it easier to keep up with their customers needs. This application made them more mobile while helping personnel keep up with things at their convenience and at the same time aiding them in staying on top of the market. The system includes a “past due” setting that tells a salesman that it’s time for a customer to be contacted.

We programmed this for them, making constant tweaks, over a period of about six months. We worked with one of the branches to come up with the main functions of the site and upon release helped with deployment and writing manuals for their custom online software.

The Wood Alliance

A project for Nashville, TN wood flooring company, The Wood Alliance. I created the layout and function of the site. Built in HTML5. Click on the picture to view the project.

Expressions by Ci

This website is for a multi-use client who needed to tie many different fronts together on the internet. This page was set up to be the ‘brains’ of their web presence and host the clients blog. It has a photography portfolio, a calendar, and a blog on the site. The client is an author as well and I created a nice landing page with a cart so prospective customers could buy her new book. This site is a template that was installed and edited by myself on to the clients server with the use of the WordPress CMS platform.

Hitson & Co.

Add page and logo for Hitson and Company wood floors. Designed with the ease of use on mobile phones in mind.

Lion Signs

Designed and built for a sign company in East Tennessee.